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Baltic Pre-Engineered Structures Inc.

1169 Lorimar Dr.
Mississauga, ON L5S 1M5 CA
Phone: (905) 564-6020
Fax: (905) 564-6021
Mailing Address:
1169 Lorimar Dr.
Mississauga, ON L5S 1M5 CA
Legal Name: Baltic Pre-Engineered Structures Inc.
Year Established: 1990
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Baltic Pre-Engineered Structures Inc. is headed by Mr. Stan Kondrotas Sr., who is president. His two sons, Stan Jr. and Terry, are the Director of Marketing and Director of Construction, respectively. Edward Jonus is the Manager of Engineering. After twenty years of Canadian and International research and development, Baltic Structures offers economical, lightweight and flexible building construction that meets all demands for affordable, emergency and environmentally friendly housing. We are capable of building anywhere in the world, in accordance with local conditions and building codes.

Buildings, Portable/Prefab, Wood Or Steel

Buildings, Portable/Prefab, I Or S Pts Of Nes

Buildings, Port/Prefab/Pre-cut, Wooden
The Baltic system panels consist of galvanized steel stud framing which is welded together to from load bearing wall frames, floor systems, as well as non load bearing interior partitions. Plumbing walls that include piping and venting are also assembled in the factory. Exterior doors, windows and electrical raceways are incorporated in all panels, resulting in minimum on-site skilled labour. The thickness of the EPS insulation in the panels can be varied to provide desired insulative values. Each panel has a sufficient thermal break between interior and exterior components. Cement boards is usually applied as the exterior skin, which receives a stucco finish. This wall assembly is an excellent product for export, especially to countries where resistance to wood framing exists. Other exterior finishes, such as brick and metal or vinyl sidings, can also be applied. The system forms a 'monocoque' structure of remarkable strength and resistance to the elements. The method of connections in the system insures structural integrity and airtightness of the assemblies. Baltic's panels are completely resistant to wind, rain , mildew, insects and any other hazards that buildings are normally subjected to. Each panel addresses the requirements of strength, rigidity, insulation , surface finish and required fire resistance and sound insulation.

Buildings, Port/Prefab/Pre-cut, Wood Pts Nes