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Oerlikon Transtec Inc.

225, boul. du Sminaire S
Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC J3B 8E9 CA
Phone: (450) 358-2000
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225, boul. du Sminaire S
Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC J3B 8E9 CA
Legal Name: Oerlikon Transtec Inc.
Year Established: 2001
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Motor & Generator Manufacturing

Oerlikon Transtec's corporate mission is to deliver today's and tomorrow's high performance, innovative solutions for the mass transit and railcar manufacturing sectors. The company specializes in power electronics, communications, data management and embedded systems for the rail transportation/mass transit technology sector. The quality of our products and services is internationally recognized by railroad companies, railcar manufacturers and transit authorities. As well, we have achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2001. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. It is guaranteed by our innovative engineering designs, manufacturing quality, competitively priced products and superior customer service and support. We fulfil this commitment by developing tailored solutions, adapted to each customer's individual requirements and specifications, through research and development and the creative spark of our highly talented and dedicated staff. PRODUCTS AND EXPERTISE Oerlikon Transtec is primarily focussed on the transportation technology sector, including products for subways, mass transit rail systems, intercity trains, streetcars and freight locomotives. The following are a sampling of our products and systems: Power Electronics Products In order to operate subways and trains safely and efficiently, the high voltage supplying these vehicles must be converted to a lower voltage before it can be utilized by the vehicle subsystems, such as motors, electronic equipment, batteries and others. Oerlikon Transtec is one of the leaders in the field of power conversion systems. We have developed an electronic and software platform, based on the superior operational characteristics of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs). The superior performance of this platform will continue to satisfy the market's demands for the foreseeable future. Oerlikon Transtec 's products in this field include: - Low Voltage Power Supplies/Battery Chargers (LVPS/BC) - Inverters Embedded Systems Technology is rapidly advancing in all sectors and as a result we are now seeing a rapid conversion from analogue to digital systems, with special-purpose computers and processors, in locomotives, railcars, buses, etc. These embedded systems process data simultaneously in real time and transmit critical information to other systems and ground-based computers for analysis and simulation. Oerlikon Transtec excels in the development of high performance embedded systems such as: Alerter/Recorder Systems (ARS) Heating and Ventilation Control Units (HVCU) Logic Control Unit (LCU) Smoke Alarm Systems (SAS) MAINTAINING THE TECHNOLOGICAL EDGE The results achieved by Oerlikon Transtec since its inception clearly demonstrates the company's ability to design high- performance, reliable products that meet the most stringent operational requirements. The company, through its proven performance, has clearly demonstrated its capability to undertake large-scale engineering projects requiring advanced technical and technological expertise. Our customers know us as an innovative company that can solve complex engineering problems and deliver tailored solutions on schedule and within budget. We are committed to maintaining this reputation through innovation and excellence. Oerlikon Transtec is determined to continuously improve its technological advantage so that we can continue to deliver more cost-effective, higher performance products to our customers. We achieve this through our highly talented and creative engineering staff and by ongoing investment in the research, development and marketing of our products that rate among the best in the world. DELIVERING QUALITY At Oerlikon Transtec, we are committed to the highest quality standards - starting at the design stage and through the entire manufacturing and testing process. Each of these phases is rigorously controlled and thoroughly documented as part of our quality assurance process. Every prototype is subjected to a series of qualification tests in order to ensure that all customer specifications and quality standards are met. At the end of the production phase, each unit is burned-in and subjected to a rigorous performance test prior to delivery. We comply with the highest requirements set by the industry and government agencies including the Software Engineering Institute CMM processes and ISO. Oerlikon Transtec is a subsidiary of Oerlikon Contraves and a proud member of the Rheinmetall Group, a diversified multi- national company based in Germany, with over 30,000 employees worldwide, specializing in the automotive, electronic and defence sectors. TRACK RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENTS We are proud to count among our faithful customers some of the largest transportation technology companies in the world, as well as major urban and intercity transit authorities.

Transportation Technology Systems

Low Voltage Power Supply/Battery Charger (lvps/Bc)
The LVSB/BC is a high-technology unit that converts available high voltage to lower voltages needed to power on-board electric and electronic systems. The device is very small and its performance exceeds that of considerably larger units provided by competitors. Its capacity to withstand high input voltages eliminates the need for large transient protective circuits, while the high operating frequency allows the use of small filter components. Main Features: - Power range: 3-20 kW - Input voltage : 400-900 V DC - Low weight, compact design - Longer battery life, through battery charging algorithm - Above 95% efficiency - Soft-switching technology unique to Oerlikon Transtec - High-switching frequency, resulting in reduced noise This product is currently in service with Amtrak, the Long Island Rail Road Authority, Edmonton Transit Authority, New York City Transit (NYCT) and King County,Washington State.

Oerlikon Transtec's Inverters are low voltage power sources that supply power to the various AC electric motors that drive many of the railcar subsystems. As sources of AC power, the inverters enhance the reliability of train subsystems and ensure comfortable rail travel. Main Features: - Power range: 1.5-30 kW - Input voltage : 400-900 V DC - Low weight, compact design - Fully programmable and adaptable to various motor output types - LonTalk Protocol with supporting software - Above 95% efficiency - Soft-switching technology unique to Oerlikon Transtec - High-switching frequency, resulting in reduced noise This product is currently in service with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA),San Francisco (MUNI), New yor City Tranit (NYCT) and Pittsburg LRV.

Heating And Ventilation Control Unit (hvcu)
Oerlikon Transtec's Heating and Ventilation Control Unit (HVCU) uses electronic and computer technologies, to automate the monitoring and control of the Heating and Ventilation Air Conditioner (HVAC) systems in a passenger train and ensure passenger comfort. Some of the main features: - Robust and small size enclosure - Serial port for portable test unit connection - Multiple input and output connectors - System status and fault leads - Advanced self-test and diagnostic features capable of identifying functions and/or components that do not operate properly, and of alerting maintenance personnel - Sophisticated analysis of system operation using HVCU monitoring - Software module running on Windows. - Control parameters fully programmable using HVCU configurator software module running on Windows. This product is currently in service with Tren Urbano Rapid Transit System, Puerto Rico

Logic Control Unit (lcu)
The Logic Control Unit (LCU) is a microprocessor-based system that provides the information required, allowing the engineer to control all the train's systems from one location at all times. Input status and output commands are transmitted to the Logic Control Unit using a LonWorks network. Some of the main features:  Supply Voltage: 25 to 42 V DC (nominal 37.5 V DC)  Modular, scalable design  19 inch rack mountable  Rugged construction  Built-in test capability  Status displayed on face of unit for ease of troubleshooting  Outputs are monitored and protected against short-circuit  Surge and transient protection This product is currently in production for the Long Island Rail Road Authority.

Monitoring And Diagnostic System (mds)
The MDS is a microprocessor-based embedded system that collects, processes and stores train car and sub-system information and data. The MDS communicates with all of the train subsystems using a LonWorks network. The MDS also exchanges information with the MDS's located in the other train cars using a second LonWorks network. The MDS comprises two touchscreen displays that relay the gathered information and data to the train conductor or to the maintenance personnel. In addition to the monitoring functionality, the MDS provides digital inputs, outputs and relay output capabilities. It also provides car orientation, position and identification. Some of the main features are as follows:  Supply Voltage: 19 to 34 V DC (nominal 28.5 V DC)  Modular, scalable design  19 inches, 9U height, rack mountable  Rugged construction  Built-in test capability  Status displayed on face of unit for ease of troubleshooting  Outputs and relay outputs are monitored and protected against short-circuit  Surge and transient protection  Vehicle position and identification  Touchscreen, ruggedized LCD dislays.  Real-time operating system.

Power Supplies
These small and efficient DC-DC Switching Power Supplies are intended for specific embedded subsystems in locomotives, railcars and other transit vehicles. Their main features are: - High efficiency (greater than 85%). - Low switching noise. - Low radiated noise, required for sophisticated embedded systems. This product is currently in service with the New York Transit Authority.

Pressure Transducers
Oerlikon Transtec's line of Pressure Transducers is based on piezoresistive technology. Stainless steel and aluminum packages are available for applications such as air brake systems, hydraulic systems and fuel level measurements. The main features include:  Gauge, absolute or differential pressure measurement.  Adjustable zero and span.  Compensation available from -40 C to +85 C.  Voltage or current output.  Overpressure protection.  Accuracy:0.25% of full scale.  Proven design for harsh environments (NATO approved).  EMI/RFI protection. This product is currently in service in the United States on braking systems supplied by Knorr Brake and on the Canadian Navy's new Patrol Frigates.

Public Address Amplifier
This Class D Audio Amplifier is designed to operate in the harsh environment of a railcar. It is the main component of the public address system used by the crew. It uses pulse width modulation for high efficiency and high quality audio output. This product is currently in service with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).

Hostler Panel
The Hostler Panel controls the electric motor drive that propels railway cars in maintenance yards during coupling and uncoupling operations. It is also used for manual operation in case of an emergency on the main line. The typical duration of maintenance operations is several minutes per day. This product is currently in service with the Bay Area Rapid Transit Authority (BART) in Oakland, California.

Translator (tra)
Acts as an electronic signs gateway between Comet V and Comet IV trainlines. Main features are: - 3U, 19-inch enclosure - CPU - TRA gateway software - LON FT-10 Interface - LON PL-10 Interface - VME bus

Communication Interface Unit (ciu)
Developed as part of the CBTC system for the R143, the CIU acts as a communications gateway for the CBTC main processor (OBCU) and the various train networks (LonWorks ). The CIU also drives a CBTC TOD.

Bench Test Equipment (bte)
Oerlikon has developed customized Bench Test Equipment for complex systems and sub-systems. The BTE is an electronic device that provides automatic testing and assessment of the functionality and repairability of the given system. Enables the operator/maintainer to: - Automate and simplify the decision-making process. - Reach a quick go-no-go decision, thus speeding up the repair process. - Take the guesswork out of the repair process. - Reduce lifecycle and maintenance costs.

Communication And Radio System (crs)
Provides communication capability to the driver and coordinates the communication to the passengers. It is designed to: - Allow the train operator to broadcast voice and text messages to passengers, using the Public Address system or the Electronic Signs. - Permit the passengers to speak to the operator, in case of emergency. - Enable Voice and Data communication between cars. - Distribute information between train operators. - Manage communication via on-board and wayside radio networks.